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Who am I?? On my twentiest I started my career as the assistant of Gijsbert Hanekroot, he, Barton C. van Flijmen and Floris Bergkamp (both working in the same studio) teached me all about photography. Later on I started my own business as a freelance photographer. In that period I worked for several newspapers (like Het Parool, Het Vrije Volk, Brabants Dagblad, Haarlems Dagblad) and illustrated magazine (f.i. Nieuwe Revu, NieuwsNet) and also for companies and Public Relations- and publicity agencies. Beside photography these institutions asked us to provide journalism and editorial work too so the company grew. We produced company- and employment newspapers, magazines etc. and we provided public relation- and communicationwork. From that moment on I did less photography and a lot of other work. So I developed my career into the publishing direction and sold my own company. I worked at publishing companies and produced magazines, directories and internetapplications. At the moment I have the possibility to start over with photography, on this site I show you some examples. To unlearn the way how we used to take pictures in the early days you will find some examples of that time here. Technics are changed, good pictures don'tů


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